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A Realistic Approach To Massive Open Online Courses Could Do Wonders For Skilling India

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In the last two years, the concept of MOOCs has gained traction in India. No surprises there. Learning through Massive Open Online Course can be an effective solution to the problem of education in an economy where learning infrastructure is still in the making, leaving thousands of college graduates underemployed today. Recently RBI governor Raghuram Rajan expressed his views on the need to make degrees more affordable, where outstanding education loans stand at ₹63,320 crore and how online education has failed to make an impact owing to the low completion rates of MOOCs. While Mr. Rajan acknowledges the potency of online learning, he missed noting the fact that this method of learning has indeed grown rapidly, in spite of the MOOCs debate. With the launch of SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds), the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has made a concerted effort to push Massive Open Online Courses . The platform will get more than 2000 top-level courses and the certification will help students get entry into institutions. There’s also the IIT Pal portal and app which will be soon launched to help students with JEE preparation.

Today India is home to more than 365 million youth with immense potential to fast-track its growth. The National Policy for Skill Development (NPSD), 2009 has espoused a target of 500 million trained youth by 2022. The aforementioned developments in online learning come after realization of the fact that lack of education infrastructure, up-to-date course curricula and qualified teachers are some of the main reasons behind the unskilled white collared workforce in the country.

A study by MIT and Harvard stated that 95% of learners do not complete MOOCs. The reason behind low completion rate is quite simple: the courses offered target specific skills and come at a price way below what one will have to shell out for a certificate or a diploma from a traditional institute. As opposed to this, most of MOOC programmes do not result in certification. Additionally, people drop out because of no live teacher engagement or assistance and due to low motivation levels. Usually three kinds of learners sign up for a MOOC programs: those who want to continue with their education after leaving a formal institution, those who have never had a chance to go to a formal institution and those who are still in secondary school, but interested in learning more.

Technology does not change things for good always. Its impact on the job market is a testimony to this. For instance, today IT companies are able to downsize with the help of automation. Soon some of the leading companies in this space will be able to save labour costs by dropping some of their employees off the roster. Similar things may happen in other industries. Bottom line: millennials cannot afford to be complacent with their educational qualifications and they must update their skills from time to time. With a plethora of courses, ed-tech companies — which have the attention of venture capitalists finally –are offering long-term solutions to re-skilling. Highly interactive platforms allow professionals to complete courses on-the-go with on-demand assistance from highly-qualified faculty across the globe. Employers’ faith in professional certification is growing by the day. Research shows that 91% of hiring managers consider certification a criterion while recruiting; another 81% of hiring managers believe that certified professionals are far more productive than their non-certified counterparts.

According to market research company ReportLinker, the global e-learning market is estimated to touch $243.8 billion-mark by 2022. The likes of Udacity, Lynda, and Simplilearn among others are transforming the online learning experience through innovative training methods. Digital platforms allow exploration of new ways of learning. For one, gamification ensures a great experience. Today Scrum certification which is crucial for project management professionals is being taught online by incorporating gamification. This helps in reducing course completion time. Online learning platforms are also offering on-demand learning solutions that allow learners to attend unlimited real-time face-to-face online sessions with world-class trainers, regardless of their geographies and time-zones. Besides, new learning management systems are enabling users to customize their study plans to help them sustain their motivation level to learn with frequent updates on their course progress. So, the bottom line is that the learner is never alone.

Online learning is unsettling for believers of education imparted in classrooms. As more traditional institutes incorporate online learning in their curriculum, things will change fast. It goes without saying that broadband penetration is a prerequisite for uptake of online courses. For India, online learning makes complete sense at this point. The MHRD’s New Education Policy will address many challenges in the country’s education system and from the turn of recent events it is clear that online education will be a crucial piece in the ministry’s strategy. This presents a golden opportunity for education technology companies and government departments to collaborate on various skilling projects.

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Why do companies favor online education for their employees

There is always the need for improving your acquaintance, skills and working practices. Companies and corporate firms around the globe encourage their workforces to continuously augment their skillfulness and knowledge of enhanced work practices.

online learning programs University18

In many circumstances, these business organizations themselves organize for skill development or knowledge enrichment courses for their personnel.

When it comes to arranging skills enhancement and business education programs for your staff, there is a lot that you must take care of.

Solution for employees’ skills enhancement

The very first thing to do would be to look for such course providers. You are requirement to conduct gatherings with the educating institution, understand their way of presenting the program and then decide whether they are capable of mentoring and boosting the knowledge level of your employees. (more…)

Online learning problems and their solutions

Education is the foundation for ones career and success. Online education is being gradually popular these days. More andOnline Learning Problems and solutions more students are taking parts in online degree courses; online tutorials and a large number of students have already joined eLearning centers for education. It is much effective for higher studies such as a distance learning MBA course.

Although, students may face some problems in online learning system, but to every problem there is always a solution. Today, I will discuss some of the issues in online education system, and also the way to resolve them.

  • Lack of Interaction: In eLearning, the interaction between learner and educator happens through a virtual learning platform. Some people believe that virtual interaction is not much effective. Well, it quite true too.
    • To improve interaction, these days, there is (more…)

Online MBA Courses From U18- Exploring Career Paths

This Info-Graphic describes various information regarding online MBA degree courses offered by various e-learning institutes.
One can understand various aspects on online education such as-
1. Why to go for online education?
2. Benefits of e-learning courses.
3. What things should be care for, while looking for online degree courses.

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IT Sector and Higher Education

We live in an uncertain agitated world. There are a number of challenges for higher education in the XXI century, and the solution to these problems depends the future of society. Such difficulties are often referred to as the challenges of the XXI century.Role of IT in higher education

  • The first challenge – Energy. The natural energy sources has almost come to the depletion level. At the same time, the consumption of energy resources is growing so faster in industrialized countries. And the evolution of new energy-saving technologies are yet unknown.
  • The second challenge – Environmental. Although present society has acknowledged the need to protect the nature and environment, but the progress of environmental protection measures are significantly lags behind the needs of the ecosystem.
  • Another challenge – Social. Social problems are exacerbated due to the dissimilar distribution of resources over the society.

Solution to these problems:

  • The first – a steady transition to a post-industrial society (more…)

Online degree courses for civil service spouses

By method of online degree courses it has come to be extremely simple and adequate to get higher instruction for a wife or spouse of somebody working in the military or common administrations. They could be back to school or school and get a degree, certificate in some specialization for example MBA in IT or some other Online Education for Military spousescourse. Joining online courses might be an improved approach towards upgrading the instructive level, and obviously it can lead you towards better vocation chances.

While going hand in hand with a serviceman or servicewoman, it might be extremely challenging or off and on again difficult to stay in a specific region for long enough time to satisfy your studying necessities. As you know, People working in the common administrations serve in dynamic areas. What’s more the severe actuality is that exchanges or altering obligation areas happen numerous a times in a year. In the event that the spouse or wife of an individual working in military benefits has enlisted in some instructive preparing or some other professional system, all things considered, there may not be enough time to finalize the course soon after the moves for the new spot happen. In such case all the cash and ventures towards the online MBA course are (more…)

Study-work balancing tips for online mba students

Though getting an MBA degree through Online learning platform is too much easy and best effective option these days. Still, the aspirants may face some daily life problems in managing different things such as work schedule, study hours or something like that. Balancing your professional and social life while doing an online MBA degree is not that much easy. One must have to be prepared for it.

Why to go for Online MBA degree:

  • It helps in getting the same degree in less time and without leaving job.
  • The online MBA courses are offered by top accredited universities.Work-Study balancing guidelines for online MBA students
  • The courses are highly relevant, best suited and designed to keep industry demand in mind.
  • The course fees are also affordable.
  • These courses are offered through advanced and interactive online learning platform developed by University18.

Guidelines for work-Study balance:

  • Make your to-do list: Making a time table for all your tasks is very important for students on an online learning platform. Making a calendar or to-do list for all your work conferences, lectures, seminars etc so don’t let pass anything. (more…)