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Facts about Popular MBA Degree Programs Enrollment

When people go for a master’s degree program, they prefer to know the value and potential of the course that they are opting for. MBA degree course is also very popular and most valuable program in current industry trends to fulfill people’s goal of getting good salary and better career growth. So it becomes more prominent to choose carefully whether to go for a full time course of part time MBA program. Also choosing for the mode of learning such as online course or a traditional campus course is also important for program’s success.

Here are some of the facts about popular MBA courses in India and abroad. What people thinks before getting into an MBA program, how they choose the best appropriate course for their career growth.

Why People go for an MBA course – There are various reasons for getting into an MBA course after graduation such as –

  • Better Employment prospects – MBA course improves the chances of getting hired by top industry employers. More than 85% of MBA graduates (2012 batch) in India had an employment offer by the time of post graduation course. Also the priority of getting hired for MBA graduates by top employers is much more than others.
  • Handsome Salary – Many professionals reported more than 200% salary increase after getting (more…)