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E-learning Courses for various higher education programs and skills enhancement programs are in great demand all over the world. Some of the Elearning institutions are hired by industrial organizations to train their work force for particular skill or training.

Online degree programs from University of Mysore via U18

After noticing much success in this mode of learning for short term courses, educational institutions and top universities have started offering their courses through online mode of learning through their individual platform or through some other company’s elearning platform.

U18 is one such platform that provides higher education courses from University of Mysore and Don Bosco University of Assam, India. U18 platform has a learner base of thousands of candidates spread over more than 5 continents.

Why U18 for Higher Education:

Now this is the first question that arise in one’s mind while choosing U18’s platform to get their higher education courses. Here are some unique aspects of U18 that distinguish it from other online education providers.

  • U18 is the exclusive partner for the online courses from University of Mysore and Don Bosco university. That means, U18 is the only provider of the online courses from these institutions.
  • U18’s web based eLearning platform is quite interactive, technically advanced and improving every day for student’s better understanding of concepts and a smooth learning experience.
  • U18’s platform is accessible 24×7, anywhere and everywhere using computers, tablets or smart phones too. Recorded lectures, previously held live sessions of University professors can be accessed anytime and any number of times.
  • University of Mysore, being a government university demands quite low fees for courses provided through it. DB University also maintains a reasonable fees for its online programs. So, you don’t need to be bother about overheads of fees or any hidden charge.
  • For employees of any organization, work is always on priority, as a result they can not spare consistent time interval for their study. U18 and its partner universities has designed their courses in completely flexible manner. Candidates are free to choose their own learning pace, time and also their own schedule for exams too. Exams held through web proctored system under supervision of U18.
  • At the end, on completion of course, student will be awarded respective course completion certificate which will be acceptable globally as the partner universities are UGC approved institutions for distance education. So, you can fully trust on course accreditation and acceptance by employers worldwide.

Visit or contact U18 team at 0124 4767000 to get more details about courses and your eligibility for respective program and give your career a new boost.



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