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From last couple of years, digital and computer  technology has made a great impact on almost every aspect of life. Apart from medical, communication, and various engineering aspects, education is another major aspect that has been greatly impacted as a result of technology enhancement.
online learning programs University18
Computers and tablets has made education quite more adaptive and flexible for everyone. Further almost every school, college and university is trying to get into MOOCs. Some of the well established and recognized online education platforms include edX, Coursera, University18, and Udemy etc.

Although online mode of learning for various college level courses and higher education courses has received much criticism from public, still it is considered as one of the affordable and most flexible mode of learning for many busy people such as employees, housewives etc.

Among these hurdles, many professionals and busy students prefer to pursue their higher degree courses through MOOCs.

What makes an online education institution valuable:

  • Accreditation: This is the very first criteria to be checked against recognition of any institution. This acts as a stamp of approval from recognized education authorities in particular academia. It is also helpful for employers to find prospective aspirants for their workforce.
    • Never forget to know each and every detail about the national as well as global recognition of the course you are supposed to pursue from any of the institution.
  • Quality of Course Curriculum: one of the major thing that makes an online education course valuable is “the course study material that is provided by elearning institution”.
    • Comparing the course modules with other competitive online institution, or regular class room based institution will provide you an insight on the subject’s covered and the quality of curriculum too.
    • How to check program accreditation and recognition
  • Help and Support: Round the clock support system of an online education platform is another major thing that has impacted the way of learning. One can ask and discuss their queries anytime with fellow aspirants of professors using online support, discussion forums, and other communication means.
    • An effective help and support system of any education institution should provide academic counselling as well as career counselling.

Any institution that lacks answering your queries, or if their support service is not proper, then such institutions should be avoided as they don’t seem to be keeping things upfront.
Some of the activities that boost-up the learning efficiency in online learning mode of higher education include following-
1) Study material should be attention grabber.
2) Practice your subject with answering quizzes, if you find yourself unable to answer those quizzes, then get back to that particular topic to re-read it.
3) Mix your learning with daily life activities and related practical exercise.
4) Keep a track of your course progress and your learning potential as well.


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