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Online education programs are very popular and trending among aspirants for higher education courses in many segments of education. Still, numerous myths are surrounding this mode of education myths and truthHere I present some of the most common and widespread myths about online education along with the real facts too.

Myth1: Online education is limited to eBooks and textbooks

A large segment of population believe that online education programs are limited to offer the copied study material as that of textbooks. But this is completely untrue.

Although there are a lot of bogus course providers too that offer such materials as offered in textbooks, there are several other genuine education providers that offer a completely advanced and interactive learning package.

The package is generally dedicated to serving learners to gain knowledge more efficiently and improving their necessary skills too. An effective elearning program goes beyond textbooks and self-exploratory pictures and it connects the best that the web platform has to offer.

Myth2: The program keeps you tied to your computer

Although, online education programs are delivered via the internet based elearning platform, you do not need to be glued to your computer/laptop the whole day.

The reason behind it is that in an online education based academic course, students are usually asked to carry on case studies, collecting various data from real world environment, take samples from the field of their study and practicing the skills in real scenario (such as in industry) that they have learnt.

This means that online education provides an opportunity to students to make their learning more efficient, interactive by learning through various real world experiences.

Myth3: You can “join” an online program without participating

Even though you will be studying from your office, or home or any other place, you have no way to hide yourself from the classroom discussion that is being conducted through the elearning platform. If you fail to participate in the discussion, your instructor will be informed through the platform.

As an online learning aspirant, you will be provided many ways of interacting with instructors and fellow students to share your ideas, and resolving your queries. Some of those potential platforms are emails, online forums, web platform based chat clients and social media too.

These platforms for attending various learning sessions are quite easy to monitor and this way the instructor can identify your presence, and performance level too.

Myth4: Online courses are less valuable

Many people believe that in an online education course, you cannot get the optimum knowledge and excellence compared to that of traditional campus based courses.

But, if you have joined a recognized and accredited online education institution and their courses are properly developed with sufficient quality, the course would definitely give you the equivalent results as the offline campus based course.

Keep in mind that the institution you are planning to join should be properly accredited for the particular education program. This will make your degree earned a genuine and more valuable in job employment market.

Myth5: E-Learning courses is less social and isolated

Technology in modern era is quite unique and powerful too. You can communicate efficiently with somebody who is far away just by sitting in front of your computer/laptop and using various communication methods provided through the computer.

This means that even though you will be studying at your home through online platform, there are many ways to communicate and interact with fellow learners and instructors too. In today’s scenario, you have Facebook, Google Plus etc. for hangouts with fellow people anywhere, and anytime.

In the end, I would say that online education programs are quite more powerful and valuable in almost every sense. If you have any question regarding such issues, feel free to drop your comments.


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