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Are you one of those bright minds who are looking for a dazzling career in business administration field? If so, then you are absolutely on the right track as a career in business management is much more popular and effective in landing you the dream job. An MBA program from accredited university will guarantee a successful career with better employment domains.Online MBA degree for success

In India, Australia, USA and various other developed countries; the array of people coupled with business domains are increasing day by day. As an impact, premier educational institutions are getting into more advanced practice of delivering better quality in MBA education for such business oriented people.

MOOC; which stands for Massive Open online Courses have evolved to be highly effective for higher education programs with fulfilling the objective of quality education programs. Almost every leading educational university has already adopted MOOCs or is expected to take up this effective online learning methodology in near future.

Almost every other day, through WSJ, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, TOI or other similar portals, I find at least one new story about some university adopting for MOOC.

Online Business Education in India: India is one of the leading countries in the field of higher education. And when it comes to online education programs and their quality, India is again on the top 10. In Indian IIMs, IITs, IBS, KSOU, DBU, IGNOU, University18, IMT and many more such institutions are there to deliver world class business education programs throughout the world. IIM-Ahmadabad is among top 10 best business schools of the world.

Online Business Education Worldwide: Some of the business education leaders including MIT and HBS have also accepted online platform for delivering their best quality business education globally. A couple of months ago, MIT and Harvard in collaboration with other university developed a common platform as edX, which will offer FREE courses on business studies. From Indian business education providers, IIT-B is also integrated with edX for delivering recognized MBA education and research programs.

List of Business Courses offered via MOOC: Online education courses are equally accepted as traditional campus based degree courses provided the online education provider is recognized from educational authorities such as UGC and DEC in India. Some of the popular and valuable courses offered through online learning platform includes following.

  • Executive MBA programs.
  • MBA programs with specialization like marketing, finance, HR etc.
  • MBA in Technology Management.
  • Bachelor’s Degree courses such as BBA and BCA.
  • Master’s programs in Business and Computer Applications.

Apart from this list, there are several other programs are available depending on the course provider and partner university.

Advantages of Online MBA Courses over Campus based programs: There is no doubt that campus based full time courses from top business schools like IIM, IBS, HBS, MIT etc. are most respectable and highest employable program. But as you know, getting admission in their regular programs is very difficult.

So, for those who are dreaming for MBA from IIM, MIT, HBS or some other top business schools, their online courses are equally valuable and completely worth it. Therefore, if you are unable to manage good score in CAT, MAT, GMAT or equivalent exam; you don’t need to worry. You can always get best MBA programs through online education platform form those reputed institutions.


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  2. MBA Data Guru said:

    I am actually taking to classes on Coursera right now. I enjoy them but it can be tough to keep up when things get crazy at work. I am up to date with one class and like 4 weeks behind in the other class.

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