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We live in an uncertain agitated world. There are a number of challenges for higher education in the XXI century, and the solution to these problems depends the future of society. Such difficulties are often referred to as the challenges of the XXI century.Role of IT in higher education

  • The first challenge – Energy. The natural energy sources has almost come to the depletion level. At the same time, the consumption of energy resources is growing so faster in industrialized countries. And the evolution of new energy-saving technologies are yet unknown.
  • The second challenge – Environmental. Although present society has acknowledged the need to protect the nature and environment, but the progress of environmental protection measures are significantly lags behind the needs of the ecosystem.
  • Another challenge – Social. Social problems are exacerbated due to the dissimilar distribution of resources over the society.

Solution to these problems:

  • The first – a steady transition to a post-industrial society based on the development and use of information technology.
  • The second – increasing cultural and professional level of most citizens of the earth through the development and dissemination of methodologies, tools, and technology education.

Thus, information technology and education – these two trends together are those areas of human interests and activities which marked the era of XXI century and should be the basis for the solution of problems facing mankind. The degree course for online MBA in IT can do well for understanding this in a better way.

According to UNESCO the number of students in the world so far has tended to increase. Demand for educational services now exceeds supply. Limiting the supply of educational services is largely determined by the lack of qualified teachers. Among other problems of education – the difficulties accompanying training materials, adapting them to the needs of students and to the dynamics of the areas of knowledge and new technologies.

In light of the above, begins to form a promising new subject area – “Information Technology in Education.” This area will make the society familiar with intelligent tutoring systems, open education, distance learning courses, educational information media.

Obviously, the range of issues that are the subject of information technology in education, is extremely broad and an attempt to present all those aspects of the problem in a manual would be doomed to failure.


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