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Internet based learning is the use of information and telecommunication technologies developed across internet, which serve as a connection between students and teachers who are situated at distance from each other. When children are unwell and can not attend classes in school or if they want to arrange some after-school private lessons, possibly they will call distance learning courses as the very well-accepted forms of educational communication.

Online teaching platform offer students the prospects to build up learning programs at well-suitable times and wherever they may be situated at any locality where there is availability of a computer and the Internet making it location independent.

Outstanding Features in e-Learning:online learning programs University18

  • Diversification in content: Images, sounds and text work together to build a memory in many areas of the brain, which leads to recall the material better and faster retrieval when needed. Establishment of interaction ensures that attract the attention of the students through interactive learning media and riddles.
  • Provide curriculum round the clock: This feature is useful for busy people who wants to study at a certain time. It is also suitable for those people who are put up with the burdens and responsibilities of family.
  • Additional support: Online learning platform consist of a large community to help learners every time. This is helpful for those who are facing some issue in study course; they can get new ideas and solution to their problems on the go.
  • Self-paced Learning: Interest towards self education is most important in online learning. It allows independence of choice after learning a variety of alternatives to the student and educator completion of the learning process and to achieve the eventual objective.
  • Sense of equality: By breaking the barrier of fear and anxiety of students and enable them to express their ideas and the search for the facts and information means more useful than the in traditional classrooms. Easy access to the teacher even after class hours help in resolving student’s education issues effectively.
  • Less burden of work on school: E-Learning provides amazing tools to analyze status and test results as well as in developing conveniently statistics. And then sending records to school administration and parents is very easy.
  • Effective motivation: Motivating the students to learn and read is half the battle of education, some of the elements of excitement, such as movies, audio effects and scenarios of the games will have the attention and curiosity more to learn, and this also lead to remember things better and learn faster.

The E-learning and Virtual Learning are very crucial in necessary Theoretical Training or what we call Off-the-Job Training or Class Based Training, where you only develop and teach curriculum.


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